On This Day in True Crime History – 28th Sept – Power Plays

Are you ready to peel back the layers of time and uncover the mysteries and exhilarating tales on This Day in True Crime History – the 28th of September? We’re taking a cultured journey through time today!

48 BC: The Murder of Pompey the Great 🕵️‍♀️

Pompey the Great, a celebrated Roman General, experienced a shocking betrayal and brutal murder in Egypt. Upon landing, he was misled to believe he was welcomed, only to be stabbed and beheaded by the men of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII. His severed head was presented to Julius Caesar to gain favour, who, far from pleased, ordered a respectful burial for his once ally and comrade. 🗡️

929: Wenceslas: The Good King’s Bad Day 👑

Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia fell victim to the ambitious and treacherous plot of his brother, Boleslaus the Cruel. Invited to a feast, he was ambushed the following morning, attacked, and ultimately murdered by his brother. Wenceslas’s legacy of kindness and piety endured, earning him sainthood and the title of the patron saint of the Czech state, his life immortalised in the timeless carol “Good King Wenceslas.” 👑💔

1066: William: The Conqueror’s Grand Entrance 🏰

William, Duke of Normandy’s invasion of England on September 28, 1066, is not a crime in the traditional sense, but it is fraught with the themes of conquest and usurpation. This strategic invasion paved the way for William’s eventual reign as the first Norman King of England, altering the course of history and the lineage of the English monarchy. ⚔️🏰

1808: Australia’s Law & Order: Early Edition 🌿

On September 28, 1803, James Tracey paid the ultimate price for a bold but ill-fated move after he entered the house of Samuel Phelps at Hawkesbury in NSW. This wasn’t a mere trespass; he knocked Samuel down, bound his hands and feet, and robbed him. After his capture, James Tracey was hanged on this day at Castle Hill, NSW, depicting the tough justice that existed in the olden days. 🏡🚨

Arrest those criminals!

1904: New York’s Forbidden Puff 🚬

Lastly, a woman on this day in 1904 missed the memo about not smoking on New York’s Fifth Avenue. This devastating bureaucratic oversight earned her an unexpected trip to the police station. Talk about pushing the boundaries! Who knew lighting up could light up so much trouble? 🚬👮‍♀️

The pages of history are marked with harsh and severe events. May your September 28th unfold much more pleasantly than it did for these historical figures.