Confessions of a Serial Killer – Dark and Immersive Theatre

Confessions of a Serial Killer comes to Brisbane at long last. A dark, immersive theatre event set in the outdoors at Minnippi Parklands – what could go wrong!?

Police have their man…or do they?

Here is the synopsis of this dark mystery show:-

Ivan the seductively charming yet extremely dangerous serial killer is going to give you that chance. Ivan is turning himself in and is going to confess all – but only in front of witnesses.

Take a journey deep into the night, and prepare yourself to lock wits with the city’s most wanted man.

Will Ivan lead you to where all the bodies are buried? Or is this just a dark and twisted game of cat and mouse?

Can you solve the mystery…or will you just be another one of Ivan’s victims? Choose wisely…and maybe…just maybe…you might survive…

Tickets are available for limited sessions for this show run which lasts three nights only on the 6th-8th October, so best channel your inner detective and book in for the show as soon as possible.

Confessions of a Serial Killer is only running for three nights, meaning limited tickets will be on sale for the sessions from the 6th to the 8th of October. So get in quickly and book now, as the tickets for this dark mystery show are selling out fast!

Just because you’re in the audience doesn’t mean you’re safe…