Sydney Harbour's True Crime Cruise

Sydney Habour's True Crime Cruise

Take a Cruise on the Dark Side...

Sail into town and enjoy a bloody glimpse into Sydney's past, revealing the hidden secrets and mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

  • Please sit back and relax as we steer you on a True Crime Cruise across the Harbour, guiding you through the murkiest moments from Sydney's long history.
  • Learn how Sydney Harbour's happiest moments also gave birth to its darkest tragedies, which the city prefers to keep hidden from public view.
  • From machine gun duels, time-travelling criminals, hidden treasures, serial killers, love quadrangles, gangland operations and all types of monkey business.
  • Book your cruise to enjoy Sydney's darkest stories and enjoy the best Sydney has to offer for photo and sightseeing opportunities.
  • Bookings Essential - Limited Spaces Available!

The Harbour is the jewel in Sydney's crown, yet it has witnessed all the foul deeds committed by its denizens of citizens. What appears to the outside world as a paradise is also populated by the wild, the wanting, and the tragic.

Take a cruise back in time and rediscover this hidden bounty of Sydney's True Crime stories. Enjoy the incredible contrast of Mother Nature's beauty when compared against the darkness of human nature.

Meets at Campbells Cove, The Rocks.

...stories the city tried to forget...

So... I wrote an immersive play! 

THE SECRETS OF CARMICHAEL MANOR is coming to Parramatta from 13th - 22nd October. 

Come along to Experiment Farm Cottage and immerse yourself in an hour of murdery, time-travelling mayhem. 

Here's hoping you'll make it back, all in one piece. 

Book your tickets via the link in my bio!
Constable Patricia is ready to hunt a killer, are you? 🔪

Dark Stories latest show, To Hunt a Killer, is showing 1st-3rd April at Manly Dam

Ticket link in bio

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Beware!  The larrikins of The Rocks Push Gangs may be lurking around any corner...
Don't look now, but I think we've been spotted. 🕵️🤐🤐🤐🕵️
There are some Crime Cruise tickets left for tomorrow night.  Join in before the winter months arrive!! 🛳️ ⚓ 😋 😀
Just cruisin' around! 🛳️ 💧 ⚓ 😀
Just a couple of Donah's hanging around 19th century Australia.  The donah's were experts at luring visiting sailors into darkened alleyways so that their larrikin boyfriends from the Push Gangs could extract the appropriate tolls.
Another happy guest who will sleep soundly tonight after completing a private Sydney True Crime tour! 😁👮
Is it legal to enjoy your job!?
People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley from yesterday's True Crime Cruise.  I'm sure they killed me several dozen times through the course of the tour!
You could say my job is pretty cruisy
Opening Night is Here - Last Chance for Tickets to join the True Crime Cruise.

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Getting ready for a true-crime tour, but do they look worried?
Victoria and a mysterious gangster dressed perfectly, and looking dangerous, for a Sydney True Crime Tour.  Thanks for getting into the spirit of things. 😀😀😀
Thank you @krystalbujack Hoping we’ll see you again soon!! 😀😀😀
Why is Faron smiling? Because she's going to run a Dark Stories True Crime Tour this Friday night.

But which one? Will it be The Rocks? Or The Razor Gangs?
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The countdown is on; only one week until the True Crime Cruise launches for the first time.

Travel through the trouble waters of Sydney Harbour.

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