Special Events

Dip into the dark side on one of our Special Events or Dark Theatre Shows.

Sydney Harbours True Crime Cruise

Sydney Harbour’s True Crime Cruise

Sail into town and enjoy a bloody glimpse into Sydney’s past, revealing the hidden secrets and mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

Explore the dark side of the Sydney Harbour, and enjoy the glorious views to learn all about the secret past.

Murder Distilled

Murder Distilled

June 6th – 7pm (One Night Only)

Money, rum and murder: the Reilly family recipe.

It’s 1924 and you’ve been invited to the wake of the mysteriously and recently departed Reilly family patriarch.

See if you can outwit the murderer and stop them before they get the chance to strike again.

No one is safe, not even you.

Dark Stories Gift Card

Dark Stories Gift Cards

Give the gift of darkness to that special someone this year.

The perfect gift for lovers of True Crime Stories or the adrenalin rush of an Immersive Theatre Event.

Any location, any crime tour, or any theatre event.

Once Upon A Grimm Night

Once Upon a Grimm Night

July Only (Thu & Fri Nights)

Mankind was gifted fire and used it to build a hearth and tell stories.

But what if they weren’t just stories and were instead a window to another world?

A group of wayfarers (yourselves) have stumbled into a realm where characters from the Everafter are bringing the worlds to the brink of collapse.

Will you succeed in this Quest to save everything, or cause irreparable damage to the cosmos?

True Crime Scene Tape