Unlocking the Secrets of Carmichael Manor: An Immersive Journey into the Past

Maitland, in the heart of the Hunter Region, is set to host its next immersive theatre experience this November. Get ready for a ghostly journey into the unknown as “The Secrets of Carmichael Manor” unveils its mysterious tale within the historic walls of Grossman House. 🏰🌟

This haunting and secretive immersive theatre show will run for four nights, from November 25th to December 10th. With limited seats available, securing your tickets promptly is essential to ensure you don’t miss this charming experience. 🎟️🔒

The Secrets of Carmichael Manor

A Journey Through Time and the Supernatural ⏳👻

They say there’s no such thing as time travel or ghosts, but who are “they,” anyway? In “The Secrets of Carmichael Manor,” a well-intentioned attempt to bring solace to the tormented souls inhabiting Carmichael Manor takes an unexpected turn. An eccentric priest and his companions find themselves transported back in time to the fateful day of October 31, 1919 – the day of Elspeth Carmichael’s impending wedding to her beloved Henry Strallen. Or is it? 🚪✨

A Web of Intrigue and Mystery 🧩🕵️‍♂️

As you step into the world of 1919 with Father Patrick, you’ll find yourself immersed in a web of murder, mystery, and secrets lurking within Carmichael Manor’s walls. Your task? To aid Father Patrick in deciphering the clues that hide the truth behind this mystifying manor. What happened to those who once dwelled here? Can you uncover the secrets before the sands of time run out, or will you remain trapped in the past forever? 🌄🔍⏳

An Adventure Awaits at Grossman House 🏡🌟

Prepare for a memorable journey into the unknown as you enter the past at Grossman House in Maitland. The historical setting provides the perfect backdrop for this experience, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, and secrets long buried come to light. 🌌🌠

Don’t miss your chance to unlock the mysteries of Carmichael Manor. Secure your tickets now for “The Secrets of Carmichael Manor” and be a part of this unique adventure. Remember, with only a few performances and limited seats available, you must act quickly to ensure your place in this mesmerizing journey through time and the paranormal.

Get ready to uncover The Secrets of Carmichael Manor – an adventure awaits! 🎭🌟🎫

The Secrets of Carmichael Manor