Maitland's True Crime Tour

Maitland's True Crime Tour

Take a Walk on the Dark Side...

Don't be afraid to scratch beneath the surface of the sleepy town of Maitland and unveil its dark and twisted past...

  • Enjoy a leisurely guided walking tour retracing the steps of the city's most infamous crimes of yesteryear.
  • Travel back to a tough world of brawlers, smoking guns and ladies of the night that has long since been forgotten.
  • Relive a time that proves truth is far stranger than fiction as you explore Maitland's murkiest moments.
  • Great photo opportunities along the High St and the old forgotten laneways
  • Book your ticket now for a unique investigation into a dark and crime-ridden history.

Small towns hold the biggest secrets, and Maitland, with its fair share of haunted streets nestled amongst its glorious old buildings, is no exception.

Maitland is an old town with an incredible history full of True Crime stories that time insisted were lost to the dustbin of history...until now.

Meets at the seated area in front of the Maitland Train Station (Station Street side)

...stories the city tried to forget...

Described by director and actor Kate Jirelle as “Doctor Who meets Knives Out,” The Secrets of Carmichael Manor is an immersive whodunnit that will have you gripped until the end.

A mix of mystery, history, and humour, this unique new play includes plenty of audience interaction, so you can help unravel the web of mystery and murder at the heart of Carmichael Manor. | Link in bio.

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Feel yourself transported back in time on the Maitland High Street.  So full of True Crime History with a massive long street of virtually unchanged historic buildings. 😍
Funny how this twilight image brings to mind the great riots of Free Church Street, Maitland from 1860.
It's not just the High Street that has all the true crime fun in Maitland. If only these backstreets could tell their tales for themselves...😮
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Balmy, moonlit summer nights are the perfect nights to join Maitland's True Crime Tour.
One night on a Maitland True Crime Tour - a blast from the past.
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True Crime makes people happy.
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