Vice City - Fortitude Valley's True Crime Tour

Vice City - Fortitude Valley's True Crime Tour

Take a Walk down Vice City...

Beautiful one day - deadly the next - and corrupt the day after that.

  • Visit the Headquarters of the Underworld Kingpins of the 1980s.
  • Learn the location of the casinos that didn't exist.
  • Re-enact sting operations from years gone by.
  • Drop into the Whisky Au Go Go Nightclub Firebombing Site.
  • Experience a taste of the findings from the infamous Fitzgerald Inquiry and learn if you were in on the joke.
  • Book your ticket for a unique investigation into the corruption that scourged this fine city.

Travel to the Fortitude Valley, a rough and tumble place where the lights of Fortitude Valley shone the brightest during its most corrupt era.

Forget the fake news stories, and join us for a memorable trip down the glamourous, glitzy and corruption-laden past.

...vices the city tried to forget...

A smiling, happy group is a great group to tour with, but where did that stain come from?
What are all these young punks doing on my lawn....!
Not again - yet more of our guests putting the vice back into the Fortitude Valley and getting arrested!

Join us for a trip down The Valley's memory lane on a weekend sometime soon @
An early shot of Mary St in Brisbane 1905 - the city's original red light district as seen in daylight, and a stones throw from the infamous Mother Hogan's Brothel.⠀
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In days of old, judgement was passed on defeated gladiators and true crime tour hosts by using a thumbs-up gesture for mercy & life and a thumbs-down for death.
I ain't lion.  Everybody had a great time.
Happy smiles pre Brisbane's True Crime Tour.  The post-tour shots are locked in an evidence vault somewhere! 😋
Care to walk down some of Brisbane's longest, dimly lit and cool laneways sometime?
Always great to see guests getting into the joyful spirit of Brisbane's True Crime Tour. 😀 😀 😀
Balmy summer nights and true crime.  Just chilling out by the Brisbane River, calmly discussing past events from the scene of the crime.
A True Crime Tour group from early 2021 cautiously exploring down a dark hidden laneway of old Brisbane town.
Thank you for sharing!  Looking sweet and innocent pre-tour! :-)
Another night of true crime. Thanks for joining the experience 🙂
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More trouble for our guests during Brisbane's True Crime Tour.
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The night lights of Brisbane verge on the spectacular at times, but should we be worried at this dash of blood-red before a True Crime tour!?