School Excursion Crime History Tours

Channel your Inner Historian...

Learning and fun go hand in hand. Help your students connect to the school curriculum through the lens of Crime History Tours.

Discover the city, the history, and the people with visual aids such as photographs(or paintings) of buildings, people, and scenery relevant to each story.

Make a no-obligation booking enquiry by selecting a date, time and estimated student numbers (no charge for teacher attendance).

The Crime History Tours

  • Brisbane's Crime History Tour
  • Vice City - Fortitude Valley's Crime History Tour
  • Newcastle's Crime History Tour
  • Maitland's Crime History Tour
  • Melbourne's Crime History Tour
  • Sydney's The Rocks Crime History Tour
  • Sydney's The Razor Gangs Crime History Tour

The Tour

  • The tour is an outdoor walking loop of approximately 1.5 to 2km.
  • The tour takes 90-100 minutes to complete with regular stops along the way.
  • Guests will visit the scenes of actual events from history.
  • The information presented is 100% true and factual, designed to educate and entertain.
  • Each story carries a flavour of past language & cultural norms of the distant past.
  • Undertake the optional post-tour fun quiz to gauge student learning.

Make a no-obligation booking enquiry by selecting a date, time and estimated student numbers (no charge for teacher attendance).

Dr Jude; key science advisor and responsible for all scientific experiments which many describe as frightfully fun or frightfully sociopathic, depending on your point of view.
Not again - yet more of our guests putting the vice back into the Fortitude Valley and getting arrested!

Join us for a trip down The Valley's memory lane on a weekend sometime soon @
Just cruisin' around! 🛳️ 💧 ⚓ 😀
A blast from the past on this unplanned wine and cheese night true crime tour on the site of the old Newcastle gaol.
Beware!  The larrikins of The Rocks Push Gangs may be lurking around any corner...
I ain't lion.  Everybody had a great time.
Don't look now, but I think we've been spotted. 🕵️🤐🤐🤐🕵️
Feel yourself transported back in time on the Maitland High Street.  So full of True Crime History with a massive long street of virtually unchanged historic buildings. 😍
Care to walk down some of Brisbane's longest, dimly lit and cool laneways sometime?
It's not just the High Street that has all the true crime fun in Maitland. If only these backstreets could tell their tales for themselves...😮
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Funny how this twilight image brings to mind the great riots of Free Church Street, Maitland from 1860.
A smiling, happy group is a great group to tour with, but where did that stain come from?
What are all these young punks doing on my lawn....!
In days of old, judgement was passed on defeated gladiators and true crime tour hosts by using a thumbs-up gesture for mercy & life and a thumbs-down for death.
There are some Crime Cruise tickets left for tomorrow night.  Join in before the winter months arrive!! 🛳️ ⚓ 😋 😀
Happy smiles pre Brisbane's True Crime Tour.  The post-tour shots are locked in an evidence vault somewhere! 😋
Newcastle really is lucky to have retained so many historic buildings from its history.  Some like this one being hidden away in the back streets of the old town.
Just a couple of Donah's hanging around 19th century Australia.  The donah's were experts at luring visiting sailors into darkened alleyways so that their larrikin boyfriends from the Push Gangs could extract the appropriate tolls.
Is it a jail? Is it a hospital? Or is it a really nice apartment? .....
This delightful young lady had a great time learning all there is to know about Newcastle's True Crime history.
Balmy summer nights and true crime.  Just chilling out by the Brisbane River, calmly discussing past events from the scene of the crime.
Thank you for sharing!  Looking sweet and innocent pre-tour! :-)
Opening Night is Here - Last Chance for Tickets to join the True Crime Cruise.

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Getting ready for a true-crime tour, but do they look worried?
Is it legal to enjoy your job!?
Always great to see guests getting into the joyful spirit of Brisbane's True Crime Tour. 😀 😀 😀
The night lights of Brisbane verge on the spectacular at times, but should we be worried at this dash of blood-red before a True Crime tour!?
People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley from yesterday's True Crime Cruise.  I'm sure they killed me several dozen times through the course of the tour!
Another happy guest who will sleep soundly tonight after completing a private Sydney True Crime tour! 😁👮
Her job is a bit cruisey sometimes...😀
Thank you @krystalbujack Hoping we’ll see you again soon!! 😀😀😀
Stories in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling dark and crime-y
It's a fine and natural sight
Everybody, stories in the moonlight

A True Crime Tour group from early 2021 cautiously exploring down a dark hidden laneway of old Brisbane town.
Balmy, moonlit summer nights are the perfect nights to join Maitland's True Crime Tour.
More trouble for our guests during Brisbane's True Crime Tour.
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Another night of true crime. Thanks for joining the experience 🙂
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Getting into the spirit of things...

#darkstories #darkstoriesnewcastle #ilovenewcastleaustralia #newsouthwales
A blast from the past; Emma hosting a crime tour on a dark cold winter's evening.

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One night on a Maitland True Crime Tour - a blast from the past.
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The countdown is on; only one week until the True Crime Cruise launches for the first time.

Travel through the trouble waters of Sydney Harbour.

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