Confessions of a Serial Killer – Episode 3

After a busy Christmas/New Year season, the team here is now hard at work laying the groundwork for our third Darkly Themed Theatre Show, set in the Confessions of a Serial Killer universe.

Audience reactions to our first two shows were nothing short of spectacular. Every night something new and unexpected always occurred, leaving audience and actors alike buzzed with adrenaline.

For those unfamiliar with our brand of Interactive Theatre Shows, here is a brief synopsis of the first two episodes.

Confessions of a Serial Killer - Episode One

Confessions of a Serial Killer
Deep in the heart of the bush, a serial killer offers to confess his crimes; but only in front of witnesses. Is it genuine or a dark and twisted game of cat and mouse?

Female of the Species - Episode Two

Female of the Species
A priest, a murder, suspects, and a crime scene set in an insane asylum and a young woman wrongly accused of murder? Can you solve the mystery? Or will time run out...on you?

The unique aspect of Dark Stories Theatre Shows is that audiences are part of the narrative of the story. Audience interaction, under actor guidance, is needed to move the story along, with audience choices impacting events within the story, and the outcome.

With episode three on the drawing board, I can reveal that the entire series is now mapped out, with just the finalization of scripts to complete, and a small matter of sourcing the appropriate venues.

Opening Night

This series is limited to a single figure number of episodes, although I'll keep you in the dark about the precise amount at this stage. And no need to worry if you've missed an episode - we always make sure that each episode works as a standalone story. Although the more shows you've seen, the deeper you're understanding and enjoyment of the overall arc and underlying themes are going to be.


But a question for the reader if I may? This production will go live in June-July, depending on your location. Would you have an interest in pre-purchasing tickets at a heavily discounted rate?

Full price tickets to these shows are $45, so I would think a super early discount price should be something reasonably substantial, say a 50% discount ($22.50). We may even include a special preview night just for early bird ticket purchases as an added perk.

We're happy to make such tickets transferrable or refundable should circumstances arise that stop you from being able to see the show too.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments section or via the contact us page. If there is sufficient interest, then we'll proceed with creating an advance ticket sales page.

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Life and Crimes of Newcastle’s Convict History

One of our lovely Tour Hosts, Sara, has put together a little quiz to test your knowledge of Newcastle's history. Try it out and see how you fare. If you don't think you know anything, then you might discover some exciting things about the city's past. Take a chance, and let's find out much Novocastrian and Australian historical knowledge you have!

Dark Stories True Crime Tours Quiz

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The Master Poisoner – Audio Production

The Master Poisoner - an audio dark story presented by the Online Stage, full of rich dialogue with creepy, sinister undertones and just happens to be one of our favourites.

To add to the macabre flavor of this production, co-author Maxwell Bodenheim was to become a murder victim himself in unusual circumstances that you can read about here.

Sobe, the master poisoner, and Maldor, his assistant, have spent their careers devising ever more elaborate and exquisite poisons. But Sobe's dreams of the ultimate poison that would give him mastery over death itself shock Maldor, who is even more troubled when he realizes that Sobe plans to experiment on his own wife, Fana. Fana, however, has her own ambitions, which may not coincide with her husband's agenda.

This baroque and grisly melodrama was devised by two of the most original dramatists of the early 20th century: Maxwell Bodenheim, known as "the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians" and Ben Hecht, who would go on to pen such classics as "The Front Page" and numerous Hollywood screenplays.

The Master Poisoner comes courtesy of The Online Stage – producers of numerous AudioBook and Theatre Productions, with a huge range that is free to enjoy!

The Master Poisoner - A Dark Story