Crime History Collection

Stories in the moonlightEverybody's feeling dark and crime-yIt's a fine and natural sightEverybody, stories in the moonlight🎶🎶🌙🌙
Thanks to Yasmin at darkstoriesnewcastle for a very interesting tour through Newcastle! Fantastic storytelling and really cool experience !! ...#darkstoriesnewcastle #truecrime #thingstodoinnewcastle #newcastlensw #explorene #learn #touristinmyowncity
I love a good true crime tour and while they’re probably not suited for little ones, older kids will likely enjoy them. We recently did the Dark Stories crime tour in Newcastle.
Newcastle really is lucky to have retained so many historic buildings from its history.  Some like this one being hidden away in the back streets of the old town.
A blast from the past; Emma hosting a crime tour on a dark cold winter's evening.#darkstories #darkstoriesnewcastle #newcastleweekend #newcastlensw #newcastleweekender #ilovenewcastle #ilovenewcastleaustralia
Described by director and actor Kate Jirelle as “Doctor Who meets Knives Out,” The Secrets of Carmichael Manor is an immersive whodunnit that will have you gripped until the end.A mix of mystery, history, and humour, this unique new play includes plenty of audience interaction, so you can help unravel the web of mystery and murder at the heart of Carmichael Manor. | Link in bio.#HUNTERhunterAU #HUNTERhunterHV #MaitlandNSW #GrossmannHouse #DarkStories #MyMaitland
Is it a jail? Is it a hospital? Or is it a really nice apartment? .....
This delightful young lady had a great time learning all there is to know about Newcastle's True Crime history.
Getting into the spirit of things...#darkstories #darkstoriesnewcastle #ilovenewcastleaustralia #newsouthwales
A blast from the past on this unplanned wine and cheese night true crime tour on the site of the old Newcastle gaol.
Another dark night spent hanging around a spooky graveyard...
Happy birthday to our very kind guests @thedilini
Stairs leading up to the cathedral. The writing on the rise of each step is a nice touch 😍
What a view...