Mystery of the Blue Bloodhound - Sydney

Mystery of the Blue Bloodhound

A pair of high-stakes jewel thieves plan the mother of all jobs to steal a valuable piece of jewellery under the nose of its sleeping owner.

Masquerading as local historians, their plans go awry, as they are forced to join forces with a group of amateur thieves to pull off the steal of the century.

But not all is as it seems with rumours swirling of rival cat burglars on the prowl seeking to catnap a precious family heirloom who will stop at nothing - even murder - to achieve their goals.

Can you solve the mystery of the Blue Bloodhound? Will you solve all the puzzles in time to win the race to steal this priceless gem? Or will you be left feeling blue?

Hosted in 189 year old Lindesay House - Darling Point.

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