Take a walk on the dark side

Hear the untold stories from Brisbane's dark past

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Brisbane's True Crime Tour

Brisbane's True Crime Tour

Take a Walk on the Dark Side...

Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and bustling city streets.  This city has a past…a dark past…

  • Enjoy a leisurely guided walking tour retracing the steps of the city's most infamous men.
  • Transport yourself back in time to a seemingly lawless world of brawlers, fraudsters, and love triangles gone wrong.
  • Uncover the dark secrets that lurk behind every historic building and alleyway.
  • Wander the city streets with your tour guide and experience firsthand the rich history that once reigned supreme around every corner.
  • Book your ticket now for a unique investigation into the criminal underbelly that once plagued this fine city.

The glamour of current day Brisbane tried to hide its brutal and bloody past, but there is only so much the bright lights of Bris-Vegas can mask.

Forget what you think you know about Brisbane and join us for a jaw-dropping trip down a memory lane you never knew existed.

Meets at the front entrance of the Brisbane City Hall in King George Square.  Bring comfortable shoes.

...stories the city tried to forget...

What are all these young punks doing on my lawn....!
I ain't lion.  Everybody had a great time.
An early shot of Mary St in Brisbane 1905 - the city's original red light district as seen in daylight, and a stones throw from the infamous Mother Hogan's Brothel.⠀
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Happy smiles pre Brisbane's True Crime Tour.  The post-tour shots are locked in an evidence vault somewhere! 😋
Care to walk down some of Brisbane's longest, dimly lit and cool laneways sometime?
Always great to see guests getting into the joyful spirit of Brisbane's True Crime Tour. 😀 😀 😀
Balmy summer nights and true crime.  Just chilling out by the Brisbane River, calmly discussing past events from the scene of the crime.
Thank you for sharing!  Looking sweet and innocent pre-tour! :-)
The night lights of Brisbane verge on the spectacular at times, but should we be worried at this dash of blood-red before a True Crime tour!?
A True Crime Tour group from early 2021 cautiously exploring down a dark hidden laneway of old Brisbane town.
More trouble for our guests during Brisbane's True Crime Tour.
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Another night of true crime. Thanks for joining the experience 🙂
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