To Hunt a Killer - Newcastle

8th April Opening Night

To Hunt a Killer

Do you have what it takes to track down a killer?

Or will the escapee slip through your fingers?

Take off in pursuit into the night and darkness, armed only with a torch, your wits, and the people around you.

The state's most ruthless killer has escaped the local prison. The undermanned and overstretched authorities need volunteers to search the local bushland nature reserve and uncover this criminals' whereabouts. Can you successfully flush him out in time?

Learn what it means to hunt a killer.

Coming Soon to the Newcastle, Hunter region

8th April Opening Night

They survived a sweeping zombie advance.  Surely you and your family can too?
The opening scene of Confessions.  Little did anyone know how this killer story would end!
Elizabeth having a great time playing Alice in Confessions. Is that a face in the background?

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The happy couple? Flashback to a mystery show.

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We’re ready to believe you.

Actors trying to steal the limelight off each other even in rehearsal? Never!

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