The Zombie Holiday Survival Show

Port Stephens 28 Dec to 9 Jan(Sessions @ 4pm)

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The Zombie Holiday Show

The Zombie Holiday Survival Show

Alert - Alert – Alert!

Ding – Dong – Ding!

Do your children know how to survive should a zombie horde decide to visit you this Christmas? No!!?

That is fantastic news! Fantastic because we are bringing our top-level scientific experts in the field of zombie lore to you this holiday season.

You no longer need fear for your family's safety. Our scientific experts will be hosting The Zombie Holiday Survival Show for children ages five and up and all the way through to 99. This is a show which even the most grumpy, the most serious-minded, the most Grinch-like members of your family will struggle not to laugh at until their little, round belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

This interactive comedy special will teach you and your family the ins and outs of how to survive a sweeping zombie advance. Through a series of demonstrations, including live and immersive practical exercises for your children to participate in, everyone in the family will learn how to handle this diabolical holiday possibility.

And in keeping with the company's style, you might even discover that a member of your family could be crowned the ultimate Zombie Survival King, or Queen, or Grinch by the show's end.

You better watch out – because we’re coming to town.

Fun for All the Family

Free Seating

Free Parking (Subject to availability)

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St Philip's Christian College, Chris Walkling Theatre, 182 Salamander Way, Salamander.


Playing at Grossman House, Maitland on 9-10 December.

Book your tickets via or the link in my bio.
Our opening weekend of the Maitland season of 'The Secrets of Carmichael Manor' may be over, but  the feedback from our audience has continued to come in. 

So grateful to those who came to the show, and so incredibly proud of my wonderful cast who have gone above and beyond to help me create a show that audiences can enjoy. 

We'll be back in Maitland on 9th and 10th December for more performances. 

If you haven't already you can book your tickets via the link in my bio.
We open this weekend! Book your tickets at 

Showing from 13th - 22 October
At Experiment Farm Cottage, Parramatta

Written & Directed by Kate Jirelle
Produced by Emily McKendry
Featuring Ben Durham, Matthew McDonald-Kearns, Gary Leonard Belshaw, Erica Nelson & Kate Jirelle
So... I wrote an immersive play! 

THE SECRETS OF CARMICHAEL MANOR is coming to Parramatta from 13th - 22nd October. 

Come along to Experiment Farm Cottage and immerse yourself in an hour of murdery, time-travelling mayhem. 

Here's hoping you'll make it back, all in one piece. 

Book your tickets via the link in my bio!
Soooo I don’t do things by halves 😁 lots of exciting projects coming up in the next week. Feel free to check them out! Or don’t. Just do whatever floats your goat 🐐 

June 1: Pirra live at Sydney Opera House. 🎟️
June 2-4: Murder by Invitation (by yours truly) performing at Woodford Academy. 🎟️
June 5-6: Ozmar filming! 🔍 itsafilmproductions
My first show of 2023 and boy is it a good one! 
Murder by Invitation is coming to Canberra April 14-16th and the link for tickets is in my bio

#canberra #sydney #actor #touring #canberraactor #sydneyactor #queeractor
Michael and Sian took part in an interactive crime show earlier this month. This is some of the reactions we captured from them! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #canberra #canberralife #theatre #crime
Hi, my name's Kate and I'm a workaholic. 

That's right, folks. Before I hit the stage in Tovarich.... I'm taking a quick jaunt to Bathurst to perform in this little beauty with darkstoriestheatre, which opens this Saturday!

Come along for a fun night out, featuring murder, gangsters and a healthy dose of humour. 

Tickets available at
Opening night for Murder by Invitation went off with a bang.

Be quick to get your tickets, with the closing show already sold out.  Performances are every Thursday night in October.

Join Detective Pierre Van Outen as he desperately needs your assistance to outwit the scheming Bancroft family. 

Old money, new murder; and you’re invited.
Dr Jude; key science advisor and responsible for all scientific experiments which many describe as frightfully fun or frightfully sociopathic, depending on your point of view.
Poor, deluded girl?  Or a young girl seeking revenge?  Her story unfolds in an old haunted cottage with the aid of a mysterious priest.
Don't worry folks, it's completely safe....most of the time.