This Day in History: 1964-10-26

– On this day in 1964, 🔪 Eric Edgar Cooke, one of Australia’s most infamous serial killers, faced execution. Cooke confessed to a string of crimes, including eight murders and fourteen attempted murders, showcasing an exceptional memory for the details of his offences. He even confessed to more than 250 burglaries, providing precise accounts of what he had stolen, including the coins’ number and denominations. 💼💰

Cooke was ultimately convicted on a charge of murdering John Lindsay Sturkey, one of the victims in his string of crimes, which included five Australia Day shooting victims. His confessions not only shed light on the gruesome nature of his crimes but also appeared to exculpate two men who had already been tried separately, convicted, and imprisoned for murder.

Despite initially pleading not guilty on the grounds of insanity during his trial, he was convicted, sentenced to death by hanging, and subsequently executed in Fremantle Prison, Western Australia. ⚖️🔒

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