The Master Poisoner – Audio Production

The Master Poisoner - an audio dark story presented by the Online Stage, full of rich dialogue with creepy, sinister undertones and just happens to be one of our favourites.

To add to the macabre flavour of this production, co-author Maxwell Bodenheim was to become a murder victim himself in unusual circumstances that you can read about here.

Sobe, the master poisoner, and Maldor, his assistant, have spent their careers devising ever more elaborate and exquisite poisons. But Sobe's dreams of the ultimate poison that would give him mastery over death itself shock Maldor, who is even more troubled when he realizes that Sobe plans to experiment on his own wife, Fana. Fana, however, has her own ambitions, which may not coincide with her husband's agenda.

This baroque and grisly melodrama was devised by two of the most original dramatists of the early 20th century: Maxwell Bodenheim, known as "the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians" and Ben Hecht, who would go on to pen such classics as "The Front Page" and numerous Hollywood screenplays.

The Master Poisoner - A Dark Story

The Master Poisoner comes courtesy of The Online Stage – producers of numerous AudioBook and Theatre Productions, with a huge range that is free to enjoy!

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Halloween – A Ghost Story

Ok, we grant you this is a couple of days late, but do please enjoy this 12-minute audio production. Just hit the play button and we are hoping it doesn't spook you out too much.

This Halloween Dark Story - The Quantum Ghost of Cape Estelle written by Peter Tucker - is late but does come courtesy of our friends at The Online Stage - producers of numerous AudioBook and Theatre Productions. Roughly 50% of their content is absolutely free to enjoy!

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What is a Dark Stories Crime Tour in 2020?

People who attend our events whether it be a True Crime Tour, a Theatre Show or even just a Social Night Out often wonder about the company name and what we do?

With a name like Dark Stories then is the company all about scaring the pants off our customers. Not necessarily.

The reason we chose a name like Dark Stories is because we didn't want to limit ourselves to one specific genre. We're attracted to the darkness that naturally gets incorporated into out True Crime tours but we were also keen on creating live interactive theatre shows where we really could scare the customers but in a somewhat safe environment.

The True Crime Tours are really aimed for the purist who wants to learn about real life situations that include a twist, then a twist, then another twist and then a huge twist. The stories are all true but have been put through their paces so that each story on tour delivers a unique experience - our true crime tours are a real journey into another world.

Our Dark Stories Theatre Shows take you into a fictional world where anything can happen. Audiences are written into the story so you are not just passively watching the story unfold. You are in the story in which the characters may appeal for your help, you can ask them questions to make sure their story stacks up and yes there might even be the occasional jump scare.

To summarize our regular weekly crime tours could be pinned down to the following questions.

What is a Dark Stories True Crime tour?

A Dark Stories True Crime Tour will give you a great combination of true crime stories at the same time as revisiting the scenes of historical crimes past. You'll get to enjoy awesome city views and uncover hidden alleyways and locations you never knew existed.

Who is Dark Stories?

Dark Stories is an event company that specialises in delivering city-based True Crime Tours. The company also dabbles in delivering live interactive theatre events which include dark themes.

Are Dark Stories Tours scary?

Dark Stories Tours touch on the darker side of the city's history but their tours do not include jump scares. The stories include all the elements of human nature ranging from light to dark. Each story is unique and completely true. If you're looking to be scared then book in for a Dark Stories Theatre Show.

Where are the Dark Stories True Crime Tours hosted?

The True Crime Tours run all year round with additional tours running the summer holiday months. Tours are currently running in Newcastle, Sydney and Maitland.

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