Meet Your Hosts

Tour Host: Sara

Sara is our Senior Tour Host and she can’t help getting excited around stories and storytelling.

She has a double major in drama and philosophy making her the ideal Dark Stories tour host. She also enjoys entertaining her 2 small children with creative stories whom have not yet been exposed to any Dark Stories.

In her spare time she performs in plays and is currently undergoing postgrad study to become a high school drama teacher.

Tour Host: Alex

Alex has been performing in major Newcastle productions through Tantrum Youth Arts for the past five years as well as being a singer song-writer performing under the name Alexandra Rose.

She writes songs about the raw and personal - songs that are beautiful, haunting and true - much like the stories told on the True Crime Tours.

Alex is also a film maker having recently directed a short documentary 'Making Waves' & a short film 'Duality' as well as moonlighting as a presenter for Yak TV.

In short, she loves to tell stories through any medium - theatre, song or film - and naturally loves to tell Dark Stories.

Tour Host: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is our Senior Researcher and she is all about the story.  An entertainer with 15 years experience in lead and supporting theatre roles, combined with a plethora of acting & extra's credits, storybook narration roles and a taste for the gothic makes her an ideal Dark Stories historian.  She loves sharing dark stories from the past and they are made all the more delicious because they are 100% true.

Tour Host: David

David is our assistant researcher and theatre show producer and has a lifelong interest in history as it relates to the ordinary man/woman in the street.  After all, history happened to the famous and non-famous alike.  He loves researching and discovering hidden gem stories from the past that have all but been forgotten.  His greatest pleasures is in discovering new ways to deliver stories that keep delivering unexpected twists and turns.