Dark Stories – Opening Night for To Hunt a Killer – 1st April 2022

With opening night for To Hunt a Killer fast approaching, I thought it an excellent time to provide a glimpse of the shows to expect in season 2022 alongside our regular schedule of True Crime Tours.

To Hunt a Killer
Murder Foretold
The Haunting
Millennial Vampire

I hope there'll be something to suit your taste with a mix of action, mystery, and supernatural fun.  Tickets and show synopses will be available from mid-April.

In the meantime, please take a look at our TikTok channel. We regularly release one-minute true crime stories, which I hope you'll look at and comment on.

And here's one for the Mum's coming for Mother's Day in May.  Which one of these pictures best represents your Mum?

That's all for now.  Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, and do feel free to make special requests.

Stay safe, and best wishes for the upcoming Easter Holidays.

PS - for a few minutes of fun, why not test out your level of True Crime Trivia expertise with these True Crime Quizzes. 🙂

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