Dark Stories Crime Tours Are Running

Hello Everyone.

Just a short note to let everyone know that Dark Stories is live and operational in these unusual times. Our Crime Tours continue to run every week, and I would like to express our gratitude for the continued support that we have received.

As always, we want as many people to join us as possible; however, we are naturally restricting group sizes for the foreseeable future. Combining reduced numbers of guests in an outdoor Crime Tour environment has made social distancing on tour effortless.

With most standard entertainment choices closed down, we will continue to explore the nature of good and evil on our weekly Crime Tours, and we intend to entertain and delight our guests for as long as we possibly can. Please consider joining us some time if you haven't already done so.

Even further in an attempt to replicate normalcy, we are preparing to put on a one night only Dark Stories Theatre show in October. Again guest numbers will be strictly limited to as low as 20 tickets, so if you think you might want to attend then best to buy a ticket early.

We've chosen a topical show. Since everyone reading this is an expert in surviving the Pandemic Apocalypse; logic dictates that a run of the following show would take you to all new heights of survival expertise.

As this is an indoor event, numbers will be strictly limited, social distance seating will apply, and there will be plenty of hand sanitiser on offer. And hasn't hand sanitiser become a valuable commodity these days?

Stay safe everyone, and we hope to see you on tour or at the theatre with us very soon.

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