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...the Razor Gangs True Crime Tour Livestream

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APAC Razor Gang True Crime Tour Livestream

ACAP Razor Gangs True Crime Tour Livestream

Experience Sydney in a time of a war, when the Razor Gangs battled for supremacy, and the balance between good and evil sat on the finest point of the sharpest razor's edge.

  • Enjoy a guided tour retracing the key events and places of Sydney's very own Razor Gang War.
  • Peel back the curtain to reveal the bee's knees soap-opera-like lives of the most notorious and celebrated gangsters from Sydney's roaring 1920s and 1930s.
  • Tread carefully through Razor Gang territory, exploring the untouched streets and alleyways of old, roamed by hatchet men that would not spill the beans...most of the time.
  • Travel back to the high times of Sydney's old Speakeasy party scene, replete with button men, saps, molls and dolls.
  • Book your ticket now for the Cat's Meow investigation into a dark, razor-sharp, and crime-ridden history.

Relive Sydney's Razor Gang era - a time of gangsters with larger than life personalities brutally engaged in the sharp edge of a fully-fledged gang war.

Experience the troubled tales of the city's most infamous gangsters and get a taste for what it was like living outside the law.

...stories the city tried to forget...

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