About Us

Take a walk on the dark side!

Dark Stories is an entertainment company that combines regular tours taking people around the city where crime stories occurred in the past, and also stages interactive crime theatre that involves audience members interacting with the performers.

A Dark Stories tour will take you on a 90 minute journey through a range of completely true human experiences and cover crimes that occurred between the years 1830 to 1950.  Each stop of the tour is like a little trip back in time.

You will get to hear the stories that didn’t make the history books – the stories of the everyman/everywoman caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Their actions and reactions are completely recognisable to us, even if the environments they lived in were totally different.

Dark Stories covers the biggest stories of the day yet do not form part of the official narrative history of the town - the stories the city tried to forget.  Everything is 100% true yet 100% unbelievable.