About Us

We simply want to entertain you.  And we intend to enjoy the process of helping to make your experience a memorable one.

We produced our True Crime Tours and Interactive Theatre shows because we are drawn to stories that contain dark themes; we simply want to enjoy the process of entertaining you and draw you into our world for a small window of time.

We are performers, actors and entertainers that love storytelling; particularly……Dark Stories.

Our True Crime tours are all 100% true events; but our stories are not just mere retelling of dry facts.  We have researched many long hours to bring you the most amazing events from the cities past that never made it into the official history books.  You will learn things about your city you never heard before; all delivered in one entertaining package.

Our Interactive Theatrical shows are special event shows that range in genre but will always contain a dark theme.  Some shows will be fiction; some shows will be based on real events.  We will never do the same type of show twice and we are positive that you will find them entertaining and well worth the effort.

We care about the products we deliver and we are invested in your entertainment…..because we want you to keep coming back again and again to keep enjoying our productions for many years to come.