About Us

Dark Stories is for those who are drawn to stories that touch on dark themes - the production of ours Tours and Theatre events is our way of drawing you into a darker world for a small window of time.

We are also performers, actors and entertainers that love storytelling – particularly Dark Stories. Our regular tours are all 100% true events; nothing has been made up. We have a very thorough selection criteria that ensures you only hear those stories that you are unlikely to have heard anywhere else and they must contain the unexpected. We bring back to life the unusual events, dark themes or forgotten crimes from the cities past.

Our Interactive Theatrical shows are special event shows that range in genre but will always contain a dark theme. Some shows will be fiction; some shows will be based on real events. We will never do the same type of show twice and so each experience will be a unique and never to be repeated experience.

We hope to see you on tour or at a show soon. Otherwise it’d be a crime to miss out. Yours in darkness. The Dark Stories Team.